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Toyota Prado 120 series


With shipment Flat rate 5 to 15kg for $ 45.00
Sales price: $ 1170.00




Angel Eyes

Headlight Colour

Devils Eyes

Plug & Play HID kits are cheap and sold vertually everywhere these days. They are cheap for a reason and not something I would recomend in any low beam situation. The primary reason is safety. A plug & play kit simply installs HID bulbs into your factory halogen reflector. This scatters the light everywhere, causing hot spots, glare, driver eye fatigue and can blind oncoming vehicles – all of which are major safety issues. There is also plenty of imitation projector headlights on the market these days sold on ebay which again once fitted with HIDs also have the same issues as fitting HID straight into reflectors and in some cases these are a lot worst.

So our solution for the people who don't want to do the complete install themselves but still want a HID conversion done the correct way is offer a service where you can order the headlights completely built to your specifcations. You can choose to have them all the chrome (OEM style), blackened out in satin 2 pack black or even custom colour coded to suit your car.


Massive improvement in lighting output, optics, wider and longer beam with and awesome high beam.

No hotspots, glare, blinding oncoming traffic or eye fatigue and a highbeam that puts a lot of spot lights to shame.

We have post technical and sales support plus we can talk you though the install if you get stuck. We can also use your current lights if you prefer and want to save a little money.

We have a range of custom aesthetic upgrades and if you have a special request we will do our best to meet your requirements.


Headlights: 1 pair of headlights with projectors installed
Ballasts: 1 pair of HID ballasts
Bulbs: 1 Pair of bulbs
Wire Harness:
1 plug and play wiring harness