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Bi-Xenon: NHK G5/R D2S


Sales price: $ 180.00

What are These?:  These are a up speced version of the Hella G5. They are also the projector that Morimoto copied to make the 4.0 series mini D2S. There is a lot of small differences between the 4.0 and G5/R such as the shield is straight on the G5/R and curved on the 4.0, The lens retainers are black on the 4.0 and silver on the G5/R.  

Output: We'll just start with the hotspot. It's brighter than any bi-xenon projector we've tested. It outperms the more expensive Morimoto 4.0 quiet convincingly. It has a high beam that puts a lot of spot lights to shame and a nice width. 

Easy to Install: Picking out a projector always meant striking a balance between a) how much light output you wanted, and 2) how much time and effort you were willing to afford to get it done. The G5/R sacrifices nothing in the light output department while remaining amazingly easy to install. It also outperforms most OEM projectors with ease.

Installation Summary: On a H4-based headlight reflector for example...Remove the headlight lens, insert the threaded mounting shaft through the pre-existing hole in the back of the reflector, add the alignment plate, tighten the lock ring, and re-seal the headlights. For other applications, minimal cutting will probably be involved but you'll find the results well worth it!


Projectors: 2x NHK G5/R
Hardware: 2x EZ Lock Rings, Bulb Caps, Etc
Solenoid Inputs: 2x 9006 Male Pigtails
Warranty: 3 Years



Applications: Universal (cars/trucks/motorcycles)
Direct Fitment: H4 Headlights (little/no mods required)
Mods Required: H1,H7,H11,H13,9005,9006,9007 housings
Outputs: Low and High Beam
United States: LHD (Left Hand Drive)
AU, UK, Japan: RHD (Right Hand Drive)
Bulbs: D2S/D2H HID Only
HID Systems: 35w and 55w
Shrouds: All Styles Except Mini Gatling/Graphite
Centric Rings:
Not Required
Exceeds DOT requirements



Height: 85mm
Width: 102mm
Depth: 148mm
Lens Diameter: 3.0"
Mounting Shaft: Diameter = 35mm
Lock Nut: Size = 46mm
Housing Depth: 117mm Minimum
Standard Lens: 100% clarity "Kuria Optic" glass